As you can tell from the thread this was linked from, there were a couple of people who fell for the original trap, which consisted of just the three words above on an otherwise blank page (The effect somewhat ruined by the obligatory ad banner). I hadn't even taken the time to boldface or colour the letters.
I wish I had taken the time to add a counter, though. I have a feeling the ones who mentioned it on the forum were not the only ones whose curiosity got the better of them!

But enough beating about the bush, the link says "I kept a copy". Did I or didn't I, and am I going to do something with it?
The most observant among you have already noticed the length of the scrollbar. So yes, I have two reasons for editing this page. The first is to fancy up the original trap (which isn't really a trap any more as you're about to get away with the bait). The second is to exploit a loophole.
The Gneech obviously doesn't want us to write (or at least not publish) this kind of thing about his characters. So I won't.

Did I lose you there? I suggested that I was going to publish the censored story, then I say I won't? Read it again. The operative words are "about his characters". Nothing wrong with writing that kind of story about some other characters, right? And since they are already out of character (which is part of the original joke), I just have to change the names. Oh, and one particular effect.

So without further ado (or any other kind of do), here is my account of what never happened anywhere near the SJ set. Any resemblance to real or fictive events or characters is sheer luck.


The SCD (Somewhere Completely Different) studio dressing rooms, 5:20 PM.

Rachel: Jessie darling, I'm ready to go. Are you finished yet?

Jessica: Just a sec, last stripe coming off.. Ouch! I wish there was a better way to do this.

Rachel: You could let me do it, honey. You know how gentle I can be.

Jessica: Yeah, but... You know. Stupid union rules.

Rachel: Yeah. *sigh* You know, you were pretty good in that scene with Frank today. Are you sure you aren't bi?

Jessica: You'd be the first to know, Ray.

(sfx: door opens)

Jessica: Ta-daa!!

Rachel: Yaaay! (**GLOMP**) MMMMMMY panther!

*** Modified-just-to-be-sure passionate SMOOCH ***

(sfx: purring and various soft noises)

Janitor: Hey, girls. It's not that I mind watching hot lesbian action, but I've got to lock up the place. Haven't you got a place to go to?

Rachel: We sure have! Come on, sweetie, race you to bed!

Jessica: No, it's too far. Let's go to the park! There's noone there on weekdays anyway.

Rachel: Yeah, like you'd care if the whole KPET team was there!

Jessica: Race you!

Rachel: Yaaay! Bushwhacker!

(They run off.)

Janitor: Darn, I wish I knew how to work one of those portable cameras...

That's all, folks. Oh, and to make it clear, the scene takes place in the corridor outside J's room, starting with the girls on either side of the door.