The Tillamore Files


Here are the "secret" text files mentioned on the main page; this little
file is just to advise you about the correct reading order!

The two SUMMARY files deal with part 1 of what (with a whole lot of luck
and hard work) may turn out to be a four part epic, so concentrate on those
first. I shouldn't need to tell you which order they're supposed to be read
in, should I?

The other files contains some loose ideas for the (hopefully) following
parts and are for some reason "numbered" in Norwegian. ANDRE, TREDJE and
FJERDE are Norwegian for (respectively) second, third and fourth. Need more

One idea I'm sure I have mentioned somewhere but can't find with a quick
search, is that each "chapter" is set in a different season, starting with
part 1 in the summer. One reason for mentioning this at an early stage is
to make life easier (?) for the artist(s). Rather than draw everything from
scratch for each episode, an artist could draw a 'generic' version of the
scenes that appear in more than one adventure (such as outside William's
office) and then adapt the pictures for different seasons by adding snow
for winter, leaves and grass for summer etc.
Well, not it's been mentioned in the first file you're supposed to look at!