What a great layout! Don't you wish you
could live in a place like this?

Okay, just thought I'd show you some slightly bigger graphics. (Most of the other stuff is made for Amiga low-res, i.e. 320*256, so it looks a bit small on a web page. This picture was supposed to scroll sideways a bit like some of the backgrounds in Monkey Island. I think.)

Actually this picture, which is slightly unfinished, started as a normal picture of a river running through a park and crossed by a road. For those who have seen the idea files, this is where William was supposed to meet the deer. And if you have looked at the NATW files, this is where Magnus and I had a rather interesting discussion about what is hiding in the water...
The picture was later flipped left/right and expanded to the right. As you probably have guessed by now if you know that part of the plot, the builiding on the right (surrounded by unfinished grass) is the Harfold mansion.

Enough. Now send me some of your ideas.